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The TAPit platform works with virtually all educational and assistive software programs that you’re currently using on your classroom computer. Name a program, and TAPit makes it better in a big way. The large, touch-sensitive screen supports the use of on-screen keyboards or voice recognition for typing; switch/scanning for mouse control or cause/effect programs; screen readers for text-to-speech capability; as well as screen magnification programs. We also offer software from three of the world’s leading educational software developers.
Watch videos on the special education software packages TAP·it uses.

Tool Factory special education software will help your students grow.

Tool Factory

We offer an impressive lineup of Tool Factory special education software bundles. Each is easy to use and accelerates the learning process. From auditory discrimination to vocalization, Tool Factory software will help your students grow.

TAPit Success Stories

See the TAPit platform open up doors for students and adults who never had them opened before. You’ll hear from educators and therapists describing their actual experiences with this revolutionary tool that offers endless learning possibilities and outstanding independence building capabilities.

Meet Matthew

Matthew's TAPit Success Story

Meet Matthew and see how the TAPit platform adapts to his unique needs.

Meet Louisa

Louisa's TAPit Success Story

Watch Louisa say "Thank You" for the first time with the help of TAPit.